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Welcome to Angry Jedis!

Angry Jedis is a mature gaming clan, with a focus on what we call "Hardcore-Casual" game playing.  What that means is, we are all about winning, but we're also adults with school, work, and families that are much more important than any video game.  What all does that entail?  It means that we want players who are about playing together, teamwork, and helping others in the clan get better.  We are a clan that puts the player's attitude above the player's skill when it comes to our members.  But most importantly, we're a clan that wants players who are here to have fun and win, but understands that having fun is more important than winning.

Currently AJ is focusing on CoD:Ghosts on the Xbox One, with expectations to move into Destiny over the next month in preparation for the Sept 9th release, followed by CoD:AW In November.  We prefer for the moment members on Xbox One, though  we are open to members on other platforms as well.

We are currently in the early stages of setting up and organizing, and if interested in joining and the application process on the website is not working, please feel free to email myself at for more information.
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